The situation: alone in front of a computer

September 5, 2007

I have two part-time jobs at two libraries: one in New Hampshire and one in Massachusetts. This is not as insane as it sounds -the commute is only an hour, and I’m a workaholic. Anyway, I have been doing the two-job dance the whole time I was in library school, and figure I can hang on for a little longer until the right position finds me. But for right now, my week is split – three days in one library, three in the other.

I get to do funky web stuff at the first library and spend some time each day at the reference desk. I spend most of my time at the reference desk at the other library, and provide my enthusiastic opinions about where I think the library should more funky web stuff. Two weeks in, and I love both jobs. I feel inordinately lucky.

One last thing I should say up front: Last night, a patron told me I should be a model instead of a librarian. I mean, obviously.


One Response to “The situation: alone in front of a computer”

  1. sam Says:

    Well of course you should be a model. Problem is that I don’t think they allow them to eat food. You’d only be allowed to make the food and take pictures of it.

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