user-generated *wavy hands*

September 6, 2007

Today I have:

  1. Explained to a patron why poetry is classified as non-fiction in our library (and a little bit about how Dewey works and how literature in general is classified in LoC.)
  2. Power-cycled the network and brought the wireless back.
  3. Searched under the seat cushions of of all the chairs on the second floor for a patron’s lost cell phone. Result: No cell phone, but two fantasy books about dragons.

Currently, I am trying to write coherently about user-generated content and the customizability of nearly every part of our online experience, but this sort of stuff gets me so excited that I’m saying things like, *wavy hands,* and “my love for this site cannot be textually rendered” which really isn’t going to make any sense to my boss – I mean, unless she’s been reading my LiveJournal.


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