Pod cats

September 14, 2007

Today I have:

  1. Endured a pep talk from a patron while I fixed a paper jam in the copier.
  2. Requested the second season of “Seven Feet Under” for someone.
  3. Performed a search on ReferenceUSA using an SIC code.
  4. Spoke to a woman who believes that her ILL books aren’t coming in because the person doing ILL doesn’t like her. I’m only assuming this isn’t true, but I don’t know, maybe she’s right? Either way, I could do nothing for her.
  5. Made this hilarious typo: podcats.

Today I also failed at being a commuter. I left the house with only a quarter tank of gas, knowing full well this was not enough to get me to New Hampshire. My low fuel light came on somewhere around Topsfield, where I stupidly pulled off the first exit, not thinking that there might not be a gas station nearby, and ended up driving something like five miles three ways before finding one and then having to navigate back to the highway. Considering my complete lack of directional skill, it was perhaps a small miracle that I made it to work at all.

Now, I’m going to go research how to make pod cats.


One Response to “Pod cats”

  1. ainsley Says:

    Just wait until the patron comes back wanting the third season, Eight Feet Under.

    I fear podcats. Create them and they will take over the world.

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