Repurpose Ability

October 3, 2007

Today I have:

  1. Miraculously boiled down all my notes from the NHLA Library 2.0 to a small list of projects I think my library should work on.
  2. Come to the conclusion that using social networking tools in a library setting is about repurposing them for use in a library much in the same way that Library 2.0 is about repurposing the library itself.
  3. Delighted in introducing a patron with a readers’ advisory question to BookSlut and Trashonista (the latter of which resulted in a huge smile.)
  4. Had a patron bring in her suction-cup soap holder, hand it to me, and ask me to help her find where to buy another one.
  5. Had the Circ. Desk call up and ask if I was fluent in Spanish. (I am not, but they eventually found someone on staff who was.)
  6. Tracked down the contact info for a library in Virginia with the same name as our library, and passed it on to the patron on the phone who thought she was calling Virginia in the first place.

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