Advanced Copy

October 17, 2007

Today I have:

  •  Been advised, while helping a woman scan official documents to be emailed to the consulate in San Francisco and then forwarded on to Brazil, “Don’t marry a foreigner.”
  •  Helped a patron find two reference books on mushrooms. He said,”I don’t want to be poisoned when I go mushrooming on Thursday.” I was glad we found the books he needed!
  • Called another local library and been directed by their phone tree to dial an extension “if I had a touch tone phone.” I only barely stopped myself from asking, when I got a hold of the person I needed, how many of their patrons still had only rotary phones.
  • Completed my first from-scratch Dewey classification of a book.
  • And yesterday: We had the morning newspapers, which had been somehow locked in the book drop all day, finally become freed and delivered to the reference desk at 8:30 PM. I said, “Please tell me it’s not the morning all over again.” and my companion at the desk said, “Are we getting advanced copies of tomorrow’s news now?”

One Response to “Advanced Copy”

  1. warispeace Says:

    I worked in a library for over a year and this list just made me miss the atmosphere there.
    The man who came in looking for books about mushrooms reminded me of a lady who once came into my library and checked out every book about cats and asked us to use the ILL system to order her some recordings of cats meowing.
    Oh I miss those times.

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