Digital Commonwealth = Red Sox Nation?

October 24, 2007

You mean something happened these past two weeks other than baseball? I know I certainly devoted a whole lot more of my evening time and emotional energy to the amazing thing that was the Reds Sox winning the ALCS. I also did a lot of cleaning, baking, and laundry, because I simply can’t sit still while the games are on. I get so nervous!

Onto library news, though: new professional opportunities have presented themselves, and after some serious consideration and some laughing at my tendency immediately take something unexpected and turn it into something stressful, I took several deep breaths and applied for a full-time position that’s just opened up at one of my libraries on Monday.

I’m headed to the Digital Commonwealth conference tomorrow in Worcester, feeling like the shiny new librarian I am, all eager for her first day of school  professional development events. I am, predictably, most excited about the session on social software, but there’s a whole digitizing images theme running through the presentations that I hope will prove to be interesting. The big question: do I bring my laptop and hope they’ll have wireless? I think we know the answer to that.

The rest of today will likely be baseball, baseball, baseball thoughts. And helping people print to the central printer.


One Response to “Digital Commonwealth = Red Sox Nation?”

  1. Sam Says:

    When I saw ALCS I read ACLS which A recentally had a class in and was confused. How could the Red Sox win a class on ressucitation?

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