I guess Saint Luke wasn’t the one with the dragon

November 7, 2007

I had this great reference question on Saturday: a patron called with the name of the book she wanted, but she only remembered the title in Spanish and that it was a novel about Saint Luke. Now, I don’t speak a word of Spanish, besides the counting I learned on Sesame Street. (For the record, I also know nothing about Saint Luke.) Browsing our catalog and then Amazon for novels about Saint Luke gave me nothing. Finally, I asked for the Spanish title (Medico de Cuerpos y Almas) and used that to get the author,  and then looked for the author in our catalog. We had three books, but none of them were about Saint Luke.  So I did a search for the author and Saint Luke on Amazon  – and there it was! Dear and Glorious Physician by Taylor Caldwell – of course, over the phone, this took 20 minutes – but what a great feeling when I found it! (And by found, I mean that we had to order the book through ILL.)


I also was had a real live Mac versus PC conversation with a patron, which turned out to be really, really interesting. She wanted to buy a new computer, and wanted my advice on which to buy. I did my best to give her resources about both options, but what was most interesting was  how emotional the patron was about her decision, which was only amplified by the larger, highly opinionated debate.

I also spent an awesome half-hour researching light box therapy reviews, and did lots of off-the-cuff reference, where I was essentially at a loss for where to look after I’d consulted health journals and our health database, and yet I was still coming up with more and more places to look. That always boosts my confidence, even if it’s half-casting about in the dark.

Finally, reference and baseball: A woman called to ask if we had a laminator. We do not, but I suggested she try Staples, and told her about how I had once had a picture from the newspaper laminated there. It turns out that was exactly what she needed to do. The best part: she wanted to laminate the Boston Herald cover about the Red Sox World Series win – so, yay!


2 Responses to “I guess Saint Luke wasn’t the one with the dragon”

  1. Sam Says:

    Ah, good ole St. Luke without the Dragon. One of the less daring apostles. He just wrote a Gospel and wandered about with Jesus. Unlike St. George who despite being the patron saint of England he didn’t exist. I do wonder what Rome is trying to say there.

    As for light boxes, Apollo light is excellent and their customer service is great (my first box came non-functioning).

  2. kittent Says:

    How wonderful that you found the Taylor Caldwell book for your patron.

    It sounds like you get a lot of interesting questions.

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