Facing Colorado

November 8, 2007

We have a clock in the library that receives a signal from somewhere in Colorado that allows it to keep perfect time. It did not, however, receive the signal it was supposed to receive when the Daylight Savings change-over occurred, and since we can’t manually adjust it, we took it down from the wall. This morning, the clock reset itself to 12:00 and stopped completely. This, apparently, is a good sign, since it mean that the clock is contacting Colorado asking for the correct signal. In the meantime, we are supposed to place the clock in a window facing Colorado until it tells the right time. We’re just guessing about which window actually faces Colorado.

In further weird technology woes, I helped the director move a computer onto a new carrel, and after we’d plugged everything back in, the monitor had no picture. We checked everything, and it’s not like I haven’t assembled enough computers in my day, but I have no idea what’s wrong.  We’ve called IT, who will probably send someone who will magically fix everything in under five seconds and then tell us the cord wasn’t in all the way or something. But the last time something went wacky with my office computer, I called IT and they insisted I was typing my password incorrectly when in fact the reason I couldn’t log on was actually that the network was reassigning my IP address.

So, I don’t know. I hope Colorado sends the clock a signal soon, because it looks like a sundial sitting in the atrium window.


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