Letter to my web developer friends mortal enemies

November 15, 2007

Dear web developers,

Do not blame your users for your mistakes. Just don’t. It’s tactless, and it makes ordinarily sweet-tempered libraries turn into furious raging monsters who toss coffee back like they’re professional drinkers and then worry that it is actually something they did wrong. Which is isn’t. And you know it.

Own up to your mistakes, mean web developer people, and please, invest some of the money we’re paying you in QA testing that isn’t on the live system, so that when you try to fix the issue you say is our fault, the whole staff doesn’t have to be flooded with blank test emails every half hour.

No love,

P.S. A web editor is supposed to save me the trouble of having to write out the html, not cause me to spend more time in the code than I do in the visual area. Just while you’re fixing things, you know. Take a look at that.


One Response to “Letter to my web developer friends mortal enemies”

  1. Kyle J. Says:

    I feel for ya. We do our own website in house, which has its own supremely large bag of issues that I won’t go into here.

    If you’ve got the talent and the political muscle to wrestle it away from the thieving minions, make it your own baby.

    I suggest the SitePoint books if you want to learn to do it yourself.

    All the power to ya!

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