Where is the book about the physics of libraries?

November 29, 2007

I have had no energy to spare for library narratives, though actual things have been happening beyond me fighting with web guys, getting lost in print reference, and trying to find good sports writing readers’ advisory sources.  I finished a monumental task that had been smoldering in a very threatening way but in the end turned out almost exactly the way we wanted, despite the above-mentioned web guys (which, ok, I admit, it’s not all their fault, but it is all the fault of the system they wrote, so.) I am working at just one (one!) library now, feeling grown-up and terrified about setting down roots in what’s obviously a career move. I read a book about the physics of baseball.

But let’s be real. Of course my first week as a full-time, honest-to-god professional librarian has been a lot like dealing with a town full of adults who got their yearly crazy shot  and turned into pre-schoolers with deep-seated behavioral problems.

Highlights of the week: Watching Panic! At the Disco concert videos on YouTube with the sound off while patron number one zillion does something totally nuts, like tries to steal a phone book.

Lowlights of the week: See highlights.

Still, I’m a full-time, honest-to-god professional librarian for the first week ever. That goes pretty far.


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