Disappearing Act

January 7, 2008

Have I mentioned recently how much I hate our web guys? Well, no, I haven’t, because I haven’t mentioned much recently. But hey, guess what? I hate our web guys!

Scenario: I’m about to add a new event to the dinosaur/thorn in my side content management system. I open up IE (because of course it only works in IE) and, lo and behold, the whole middle column of the front page, the place where all the information about new events lives, is blank. So blank that the navigation bar on the right has decided to take up residence in all the empty space.

What would you do?  1.) Look for a cached version. 2.) Recreate the rest of the page from memory. 3.) Email the staff and ask if anyone else was working on the website this morning and if they happened to remember deleting some of it? 4.) Email the web guys and say, “Bwuh?” 5.) Get a reply from the web guys that says, “Are you sure, it looks fine now…”

The website is back because I put it back with my bare hands! Or, well, with an old saved version and a good visual memory. But I did not need that as yet unexplained heart attack in the first place, and I do not need the web guys to imply that possibly I might just have forgotten to refresh my browser. I am sorely tempted to reply to them with only, “OMG YOU GUYS SRSLY!!!”


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