Would you like to buy life insurance while you travel between floors?

March 7, 2008

Today I have (wrapped up a week of crazy and):

  • been reminded that telemarketers have gotten ahold of the phone number to the emergency phone in the elevator.
  • helped someone navigate through Yahoo Italy (“Does that mean log-out in English?”)
  • helped a patron look up info on a potentially antique glass bottle
  • participated in some remote reference for a friend in California about a wine from the 1970’s
  • had chocolate chip pancakes, bacon, and onion rings for lunch (OMG, I know.)
  • tried to determine why specific passages of the Bible had been highlighted in blue

One Response to “Would you like to buy life insurance while you travel between floors?”

  1. Sam Says:

    Isin’t it obvious why the bible is highlighted in blue? You see, Captain Jack and Tashiko were in the library looking up information on Weevil attacks in your library in the 1980’s when Owen opened the rift and they sucked forward in time. Tashiko only has half the equation so of course she’d leave cryptic clues in blue in the Bible for Gwen to figure out in order to save the world, close the rift, and whip the shit out of Owen (would someone please put him out of his misery) while Jack soothes his angsty world with Ianto.

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