You mean something happened these past two weeks other than baseball? I know I certainly devoted a whole lot more of my evening time and emotional energy to the amazing thing that was the Reds Sox winning the ALCS. I also did a lot of cleaning, baking, and laundry, because I simply can’t sit still while the games are on. I get so nervous!

Onto library news, though: new professional opportunities have presented themselves, and after some serious consideration and some laughing at my tendency immediately take something unexpected and turn it into something stressful, I took several deep breaths and applied for a full-time position that’s just opened up at one of my libraries on Monday.

I’m headed to the Digital Commonwealth conference tomorrow in Worcester, feeling like the shiny new librarian I am, all eager for her first day of school  professional development events. I am, predictably, most excited about the session on social software, but there’s a whole digitizing images theme running through the presentations that I hope will prove to be interesting. The big question: do I bring my laptop and hope they’ll have wireless? I think we know the answer to that.

The rest of today will likely be baseball, baseball, baseball thoughts. And helping people print to the central printer.


I am a librarian with a tattoo. My tattoo gets lots of attention in the library. It’s on the inside of my forearm, and is generally visible when I hand someone something across the desk or when I point them in one direction or another, which means often. Usually, older men gasp and ask what it symbolizes, younger boys ask if it hurt, and most women usually just say something along the lines of, “neat.” Last week, an older teen boy told me that I was the first librarian he’d ever seen with a tattoo and he thought it was cool. This made me very happy.

I am also, apparently, a librarian who is likely to be kidnapped by Dracula, though this has nothing to do with my tattoo. At least I hope not. The suggestion came from Sam, in response to my review of The Historian on GoodReads. In that book, (which I recommended to Sam before I’d reached – been disappointed by – the end) Dracula spirits away librarians to his secret underground lair until he finds the perfect one to catalog his collection. It’s odd and not nearly the most threatening thing Dracula could possibly do, but, when it comes down to it, I still wouldn’t want to be Dracula’s librarian.

Tonight, I am alone at the reference desk and closing the second floor by myself for the first time. If I see a bat-shaped shadow, I’m outta here.

I have two part-time jobs at two libraries: one in New Hampshire and one in Massachusetts. This is not as insane as it sounds -the commute is only an hour, and I’m a workaholic. Anyway, I have been doing the two-job dance the whole time I was in library school, and figure I can hang on for a little longer until the right position finds me. But for right now, my week is split – three days in one library, three in the other.

I get to do funky web stuff at the first library and spend some time each day at the reference desk. I spend most of my time at the reference desk at the other library, and provide my enthusiastic opinions about where I think the library should more funky web stuff. Two weeks in, and I love both jobs. I feel inordinately lucky.

One last thing I should say up front: Last night, a patron told me I should be a model instead of a librarian. I mean, obviously.


September 1, 2007

I’m a twenty-something librarian endlessly searching for exciting new digital reference tools, social networking sites, user-generated content, and approaches to readers’ advisory. I live in New England, find any excuse to cook, carry my camera nearly everywhere, and own way too many scarves.