I’m drinking coffee out of my library-approved travel mug and searching the catalog for books on wildlife rehabilitation centers for Kelly and adding blog after blog to my Google Reader (yes, wildlife rehabilitation centers have blogs, too.) I love blogs as information sources because, when I want to learn something new about a subject, I want to learn from someone who is like me, who is involved in the subject, and who is doing it NOW and wants to share their experience. I don’t just want vegan recipes, I want the stories behind them and the cheers from the people who created them and their pictures of how the dish turned out. I don’t just want a how-to manual about starting my own farm, (though if I could find one, I’m sure it wouldn’t go amiss) I want someone’s tale of how they went from City Girl to Farm Girl. I want that immediate connection with another person. And I want their blogrolls and del.icio.us bookmarks, too.

On Monday, I’m attending a conference on Library 2.0, and so long as I don’t get lost in Manchester, I’ll hopefully have a day filled with bonding with other NH librarians and brainstorming how to get people addicted to the information sources they hardly even knew were out there.